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Review of the Sanrenmu 9201

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11 replies on “Review of the Sanrenmu 9201”

I have the black and satin one. I kind of wish I got this one instead..I like the look of that blackwash blade. Great knife regardless. I recommend that anyone who buys one put a dab of blue loctite on the pivot screw though. Mine came loose. Very easy fix though, so not a big deal, at least to me anyway. I always put some loctite on my knives after I take them apart to clean them anyway.

Looks like SRM is still one of if not the best bang for the buck knife company. Even those from gearbest years ago for 5 or 6 dollars were pretty good. SANRENMU SRM 7228 really cought my eye!! I like this knife to. A keeper for sure!

on a second note: spyderco rockjumper really is the first knife that I would consider buying and it would be twice the price of my most expensive knife and just might be my grail knife. It is 120€ in EU which is 140$ and in the US it is 73€ or just under 90$.. and that makes it hard to justify buying.. I am inclined to buy one from well known usa sellers that ship to EU, like KC, WMK. Is there someone from EU that did that and what are the risks , if any.. because even with shipping and possible import taxes would still be a lot cheaper than here? Also here in SLovenia we dont have any knife laws restrictions.

This looks like an excellent knife, I like the thin grind on it. I will strongly disagree with you though, for me the thickness of the blade behind the edge is always best between 8 to 15 thousands on a blade this size, modern steels can take it with little problem and they will cut a lot better.

Sanrenmus been making knives for American companies for a long time plus they're own. Funny just got this exact knife in the mail today. I would compare it with 50 to 60 dollars knives.

Just subbed. Enjoying the content. I've purchased a few SRM knives for my collection in the last couple years. They all seem like quality "budget" stuff to me. I'm not the guy to shell out the 100, 200 or more dollars for a pocket knife. I'd rather have variety than a couple Holy Grails. Anyway, this one or the 9202 looks like my next purchase – after I've been telling myself that I have enough already.

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