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Cobratec Honest Extended Review of Cheapest Budget Friendly OTF Knife EDCed for 9 months

On this TGS, Billy the Kid gives his take on a small model fs-3 cobratec after extensive use since Semptember 2019. I forgot to mention in the video that I did leave it outside at a friends for a week in the humidity and rain and seen zero stain or corrosion so it’s worth mentioning. As always thanks for dropping by!

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15 replies on “Cobratec Honest Extended Review of Cheapest Budget Friendly OTF Knife EDCed for 9 months”

Just received one of these as a gift. I have a pretty extensive knife collection. Mostly folders from 30 dollar crkts to 600 dollar midtechs. I found your review because I wanted to see what people thought of it. I knew a bit about the brand already. It seems like a nice enough knife. Not sure why people have to be so rude in comments. I enjoyed the video regardless of your mic placement.
As far as looking for a new knife I'm not sure I have much for suggestions. Knives Switzerland is supposed to be fantastic but not sure availability wise you'll find one. Super high rockwell's seem to be hard to find. Too many companies not heat treating well nowadays. I would suggest looking for a Andre biruykov. His IG is andreybiru. He's russian I believe and known for his heat treats and fixed blades from what I understand. I have a folder of his in m390 and it is excellent that I got on ebay. His knives do come up from time to time. Subscribed looking forward to some more knife content.

Next time please place your mic further away from your mouth cause I can every little thing your mouth does like every breath you take before talking, that raspy sound you say uhhh that comes from your throat, you licking your lips, etc. your review was fine but that parts was kinda irritating

Cobratech, vipertech, ravencrest. All the exact same made in China knives rebranded and sold at markup price. Better to just buy it direct from China if you want one

I bought mine purely for self defense, and it’s double edged. It extends nicely. I don’t abuse the blade. It’s just as sharp as when I bought it over one year ago. I feel confident in it if I need to defend myself.

S90v is not as hard of a steel as d2 (what these knives are made of) its actually 3 points softer. It is a finer grain and can take a little sharper edge and has better corrosion resistance, but definitely not harder. But what you said about for you and what you cut with it you can get more value from another brand, that is 100% true. Different steel has different properties. For example s90v can make a bad ass diving knife but d2 would be lacking. And even cutting everyday stuff some may find d2 to be the better steel some may actually prefer 1084 hc it just depends on the use I recon. But really good review you covered it really well and informative!

It all depends on what your using it for. IMO otf knives are not to beat around and use as screwdrivers. I can buy a regular knife for that. If someone is trailing a lady or college girl and she turns around and out snaps the blade whoever it is will think twice about his intentions. Quick access to the blade is key in this situation. I bet the blade doesn’t chip on someone’s rib. I bought one for my daughter for 80 bucks. Money well spent. If your going to use your knife for a screwdriver just carry a butter knife. Works much better.

not sure if youre still looking but get the Viper Knives Voxnaes Koi Fixed Blade Carbon Fiber (3.5" Satin M390)

Man, I appreciate this review. I’m a microtech guy, but I was going to get one of these just to see what everyone is talking out. I’ll have to pass on it though.

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