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Cobra Tec OTF CTK-1 OD Green Knife Review

This is my review on the Cobra Tec Medium OTF knife model: CTK-1 OD Green with dagger edge. Please like and subscribe and list in the comments your thoughts on the knife and any other knives you’d like me to review. Thank you.

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With respect, by any measure, Microtech has never been found to be “flimsy”. Expensive? Perhaps. Depending on your value to quality perspective. Flimsy or poorly made? That’s a bold statement. For a real world test of that, I recommend watching any of X-Ring video reviews on YT. Not a fanboy of MT or myopic in my views, just stating facts.

Don’t know if I should get dagger style or the regular kind . Dagger pretty much serves one purpose (stabbing) haha .

Ok e had this knife and after a year it has stopped spring out or back in. I’ve taken a part but i couldn’t fix it. What’s wrong?

I have a few Microtech otfs and they are top quality for sure. I ordered the CTK-1 in black and for the price you cannot beat it. I have had it a while and have no complaints. Quality is pretty good and I really like the sheath and case it comes with. Good review.

Is the CTK-1 the best cobra otf knife now since it’s newer and better steel? I’m going to buy a medium one right now all black CTK-1 instead of a microtech!

I saw these in my LGS price is $71. Aluminum handle and D2 steel. The big question I have is where are they getting the d2 steel.

I'm late but the glass breaker can screw off and it makes the pocket clip loose and it falls of but it's not easy to unscrew

I have never used that brand, but it seems like a nice knife. Was that a fero rod holder on the side of the sheath?

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