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Review of the FBKNIFE FH91 – by Ganzo Knife

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21 replies on “Review of the FBKNIFE FH91 – by Ganzo Knife”

I have found that some nice Wet Dry sandpaper does wonders for my micarta handled knives. I smooth over anything that bothers me (especially on fixed blades) and they become like old friends. What could be better than a custom handle that you made to suit your preferences. I keep paper up to 2000 grit which is more like polishing but that's a personal thing.

Love all these Ganzo FHx1 knives. Pick a style/shape you like and don’t think twice. Flawless flippers, hard and real D2, under $25 even on Amazon…. what are you waiting for? Do yourself a favor and get the blue; fun color without being crazy. Wherever you buy one, use Jake’s codes/links.

So, what you're saying is, its another nice Ganzo in the FH line and if the size and shape appeal to you, jump on it as its a good value. Did I miss anything?
On the subject of Ganzo grips, and, to some extent to any G10 knife handle, I've found that 15 minutes with some 120 grit sand paper and a little imagination can turn a nice knife into a REALLY nice (as in comfortable) knife. I round all the top and bottom edges, relieve the area your thumb lays across when operating the liner lock and sometimes relieve the access to the lock bar to make it easier to actuate. While I'd cringe a little, I've done it enough to feel comfortable doing more expensive knives but hey, its a Ganzo, I can always gift it or sell it and replace it if I don't like how it turns out. Try it, you'll be amazed what a difference it makes. Oh, and to get rid of that "just sanded" look, a little mineral oil, wipe on, wipe off, and you'd think it came from the factory like that. I know I'll be adding a -91 to the collection and can already tell what contouring I'll be changing.
Oh, on the name, I suspect that Ganzo makes some things other than knives so it made sense when they switched to Firebird to differentiate knife making. My guess is, the FB came from the tendency to shorten the name when communicating via print. BM=Benchmade, Spydie is Spyderco, FF is Ferrum Forge etc. I may be wrong, but it makes sense this way.

Been using Ganzo, San Ren Mu and other Chinese brands for years. Some of the best values on the market. Bee and Enlan knives are also excellent. But SRM knives are the all time favorite from China and for years was the biggest selling knives in Germany.

I so like the Ganzo knives but I’ve lost a few to the border guards, so now I’m a little gun shy. Great review buddy. I hope your doing well buddy.

Only flipper knife i own is a SteelWil Cutjack and i stil dont get it open every time i want, not in an easy way at least. Almost bought me an Elementum for about ten times, but flipper, so i didnt.
Maybe this one is nice enough to try, the specs and the knife in its total looks nice enough.

Always loved Ganzo knives, they are a great value for the money. The CBSA ( Canadian Blade Stealing Agency ) makes getting them from outside Canuckistan a bit difficult though. Great review as always.

Good review. Thanks for doing the budget knives – I plan to touch only inexpensive knives so I don’t end up mortgaging the house for a collection of expensive blades. It’s a slippery slope!

That's a nice knife, have you looked into the Free Tiger FT903 yet? It's a really good knife for 25 dollars USD.

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