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Junkyard Fox Behind The Scenes Vlog – The Hidden Woodsmen Survival Kit Review

This short vlog was filmed for our Patreon supporters who get to see it first. We document a few moments of making a hobo survival scenario while reviewing The Hidden Woodsmen Survival Kit. Filmed in Downtown El Paso, Texas.
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filmed in parts of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Survival, Self-Reliance, Bushcraft, Camping, Making Fire, James Harris. Original music by Cuervo Negro. Junkyard Fox

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Can you Make another video on your boots, recommendation the type and model that you wear, and have worn in previous videos..and lastly the toe and color..thanks!! been waiting for a response now for a while!

The behind the scenes is cool! I really dig the urban survival scenario. It's something not done much at all from what I've seen. Atb Sean

Analog feel sounds like they should make music for a silent hill game! Really cool stuff love the behind the scenes video dude!

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