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CIMA 1 vs RAT3 Fixed Blade Knife Review

The CIMA 1 fixed blade knife versus the Ontario Knife Company RAT3 fixed blade knife. Which is the better knife for EDC or bushcrafting? what about value?Here’s a quick in-field review of both knives and an honest discussion about the value equation for each.

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11 replies on “CIMA 1 vs RAT3 Fixed Blade Knife Review”

I literally did not know it was not Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 lol learning all sorts of things in this video. Also i have watched many videos of the knock off destroyed quality is not there. Buy once cry once.

I bought one of those a few years ago… they now sell for much more… ~$70 or so… I have like $20 for mine as well.

OH my! You said preparedness aisle. Is that for real? So i guess if you are a bad guy, you will be anyone who shops in that section. It’s sad how stupid leftism is, always trying to make good intelligent hardworking americans look bad for shopping smart. And i am Canadian. A very second amendment kinda guy. And i would never try to outlaw something that is purchased to help you survive a little easier. There is a big difference between a person being paranoid, and a person being prepared. The definition of a leftist, is a person who has been brainwashed into believing that they can just relax and let the government take care of them forever. So when things go south, and they will. They will be completely shocked and unprepared for the mess that they will start and the conservatives will finish. Civil war 2. Just hope they all come to their senses before it gets worse.

Just picked up a Rat3 at Cabelas for $50 and it looks exactly like that Sima except for the thickness. Mine is non-serrate and has the allen screws on the handle (wood). I kinda like that as I can make a different grip easier down the road if I want. Can't wait to take with me elk/bear hunting in a few weeks.

Well, not in Ontario NY but still NY in the Southern Tier 😛 Odd considering how crazy our laws are but we have tons of knife history. Potentially the richest history in the country. Lucky man for leaving!

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