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Cold Steel Outdoorsman Lite Knife Review & Field Test

Get outdoors with this blade!

Pros: price, design
Cons: steel is cheaper quality

When you are on a budget and you are looking for a light duty stainless steel blade this is a great option.

GOOD- price, lightweight, very sharp and easy to resharpen, full tang, very ergonomic handle for extended carving and cutting.

BAD- 4116 German steel is soft and will not hold an edge very long, no lanyard hole for chopping, too thin for batoning.

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22 replies on “Cold Steel Outdoorsman Lite Knife Review & Field Test”

…thanx to reviews I've seen on YouTube I'm fixin' to order one each Outdoorsman & Tanto Lite during Cold Steel's 2019Winter/Holiday Sale…

That unsharpened side cut me just fine doing featherstick (thumb push for more control). Upon closer inspection, mine does look sharpened slightly?
I thought my thumb just had a sore spot so I kept switching positions. Didn’t realize till I cut myself 3 times, and that’s only cause it was all over the wood by then lol

Why are you incapable of grabbing the handle of a knife with your pinky?? Start with the position of the knife correctly in your hand and pull with those weak fingers that have a grip on the knife. It's not glued in, you dont need force. It's like you are not understanding or planning where the knife will be when you grip it.

When you are showing a knife and its features, please stop waving it back and forth rapidly and flipping it over and over like a madman. It is most annoying and defeats the purpose of actually showing the thing.

You're out in the middle of nowhere. You've got a choice between this knife, the Tanto Lite or the (and this is where it gets dicey) the GI Tanto. What are you going to choose? Which is the best deal?

Cold Steel claims that the "swedge" on the the top of the blade is meant to be a bone breaker, just for the record. Also, the one I own was sharp enough on that top wedge to cut my finger pretty deep just running it across the top, so be careful if you're not sure.

The unsharpened part on the back edge could be to peel off the bark or other rough works where you need more strength than sharpness.

That's not full tang in my book it's more of a rat's tail, yes the tang goes through the handle but you can clearly see there's quite a taper on it!

I use one of these as my steak knife at home and another as my centre console knife, cheap enough that if someone breaks in and steals it i don't feel much of a loss.

I had a Pendleton hunter lite and the whole edge on it warped and waved when I tried to use it out doors when I got stuck out in the rain with it.. Idk about that steel Idk if I trust it

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