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Adventure Medical Kits – S.O.L. – Survival Kit Review Part One

Our quick review of the S.O.L. (Survive Outdoors Longer) Survival Pak from Adventure Medical Kits

Adventure Medical Kits

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18 replies on “Adventure Medical Kits – S.O.L. – Survival Kit Review Part One”

this kit isn't that bad of a kit except that it shouldn't be as expensive. for as much as it is, it should carry a small knife and perhaps water purification tablets. I not too long ago bought one of these and added a small knife along with a tool logic credit card style survival kit, and added some strike anywhere matches. so now i have 3 ways to start a fire, a way to clean my fish if i catch any, and additional way of signaling etc.

Separated from your group.

So if you think of this as just a basic signalling kit, you won't be disappointed so much.

You have to realise, this is the more basic version of the AMK's Pocket Survival Pak and is just a signaling kit – (build 3 fires in triangle with lots of smoke, whistle, signaling mirror) with heatsheets blanket for shelter while you wait, compass to help you get found easier, duct tape to repair heatsheets blanket and fishing kit to use for shelter making or kit repair and is only intended for a few hours until rescue arrives.

This is the scout version for when you get separated from your g

I have this and it's a lot nicer than it looks. It also has quite a bit of extra room and I easily added a small knife.

The signal mirror being the most compact I've seen yet. The rest of that stuff is not bad, definitely needs a few additions though.

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