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Review of a ✨NEW✨ Knife by REVO Knives: the NESS 👀take a look

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Stores in USA $65 @ WMK
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Chicago Knife Works has the blue NESS on for $48USD – as of Oct 23:

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10 replies on “Review of a ✨NEW✨ Knife by REVO Knives: the NESS 👀take a look”

Would you, in reference to your hand size, say that that this knife would fit well someone with largeish medium size hands? Do you need a special tool for the D-shaped pivot pin? The colors are puckey, but this knife has many attractive features, me thinks, no? Thank you for this review.

A knife with a utilitarian designed blade from the 1880s in a folder? What sort of witchcraft this be? The only things that could make it better are a thumbstuds or axis lock version. What's up with the quick intro? And you didn't give the grind angles. All in all a very decent knife. Thanks for sharing.

Hay Jake I recently received the knives you sold me and taking a closer look at the Boa, the tip and cutting edge is so perfect I’m almost resistant in using it! 😆 I know I won’t be able to get that back once I try to sharpen it the first time 😝

This knife looks really nice. Always like this style. I didn't know what it was called though. Great review!

Some Mothers polishing paste to put a mirror finish on the blade and liners would make it pop. I like this design.

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