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Can a £10 knife make you happy.?

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I gave my sister a kerahaw skyline for her birthday several years ago. I polished the g10 scales and mirror polished the blade(as us knife nerds do). She recently passed away(suicide) and I found it with her things. I’ll alway keep that knife because it reminds me of the good times we used to have together.

I just ordered a Michael May Barlow knife (C70) today based on your videos. So I'm holding you personally responsible for that, Paddy. I'll let you know how that went in 4 weeks or so.

Super nice paddy 👌🏼, I feel more attached to a knife when there is something behind it just like yours 🙏🏼👍🏼

Yes I deed. I just got a Rough Rider one arm jack that I’m confusingly thrilled with🤷🏻‍♂️. Hey it makes me happy kinda like my old Colonial hobo knife. I used to love getting drunk at VB….Good Ole days😎. Cheers Paddy☘️

I remember that 1977 jubilee knife. I had it when I was in the Girl Guides don’t remember what happened to it and now want to find it again!.

1977 is the year I joined the Scouts. We had a badge on our uniforms to celebrate. Funny to think in 1977, we were celebrating 25 years of QEII’s reign, and now she’s been on the throne 68 years… how time flies!
I do like these wee penknives. Actually very practical.

Yes, knives evoke emotion with memories. I have spoken to many viewers that tell me that their father, husband, uncle, brother used to have the knife in the video I was featuring at that time. What I think is also good, is knowing most of us who share this passion for knives also share beautiful memories about knives, and knowing this connects us all.

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