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Bob Kramer Essential Series 10" Chef Knife Review

Chef’s Resources teams up with the Knife Nerd (Facebook) to do a review of the Bob Kramer Essential series 10 inch Chef Knife.

A couple of notable edits (apologies):
* the steel is FC61 not FC60
* which is 13C26 not 13c27
* the steel is from Sweden not Switzerland

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12 replies on “Bob Kramer Essential Series 10" Chef Knife Review”

thank you for the review, very informative. Some questions for you: how do you prevent rust? do you the same cutting board to cut meat?

Ummm its fc61 not fc60 and its over priced for a stamped steel chef knife and not being forged. And its sweden not Switzerland smh lol

The real question is a comparison between the Bob Kramer "Carbon" and the Bob Kramer "Essential". That would make for a much better video. Thank you 🙂

13C26 not 27 and it is made in Sweden, not Switzerland. 13C26 is the Sandvik "copy" of Uddeholm AEB-L steel. I you saves with a regular razor this morning you have used that type of steel. It is one of the oldest stainless steel types still in production and obviously it works. .

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