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The Best ESEE Knives at Blade HQ in 2020 | Knife Banter S2 (Ep 49)

Kurt and Jamie talk about the best ESEE knives you can buy at Blade HQ in 2020. Get your next ESEE knife here:

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Knives in order of appearance:

0:00 Intro
1:06 Junglas:
3:02 Izula:
4:50 Izula Scales:
5:32 Izula II:
7:30 Armatus Carry Sheath:
8:26 Expat Libertariat:
10:30 ESEE 3:
12:28 ESEE 4:
13:35 ESEE Sheath:
14:20: ESEE 5:
15:50: ESEE 6:
17:40: Laser Strike:
20:10 Concluding Thoughts

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26 replies on “The Best ESEE Knives at Blade HQ in 2020 | Knife Banter S2 (Ep 49)”

no love for their camplore series? just picked up a pr4 and love their take on the kephart model so far. their cr2.5 is amazing as well, hope to pick one of those up in the future.

wheres the new xancudo s35vn and the esse 6 MH those should be monster sellers…probably why u might be out…I know yall sold 2 anyways…lol…the xancudo fixed s35vn replaced my Izula2….

I'm a hiker, hunter and bush guy. I've had the Izula for 2 years now and it has never failed me, from cutting up a deer to feather-sticking and batoning small sticks, it holds it's own. Wear it as a neck knife so you can still take the folder (Giant mouse ACE Iona) with you!

I haven't gotten and esse yet, but I would say, the 3 is an EDC knife, the 5 is a Tactical-Tool, the 6 is a Hunting/Survival knife, the Junglas is a Camping knife or for those Crocodile Dundee moments.

All of them but i have no money at this point right now. Maybe some day i buy one of these. Nice blade profile and the warranty is great. I love ESSE knives i think. 🤔

Those esse knives made in South America seem to be targeted for the South American market given their value and design.

Have an OD Green Esee 5 that I just placed Orange G10 handles on. Perfection!!! My Zombie, can't fail me now knife! And I have a Esee 6 Flat Dark Earth that I just replace with Camo G10 handles, AWESOME!!! Still want a Esee 4 or Laser Strike to keep in my car

I have an ESEE 5 I use camping. Yes, they are every bit as tough and impressive and the guys here say. An ESEE 4 is on my wish list for more ah "normal" tasks… The -5 is sharp enough to shave wood down for tinder, tough enough for batoning, and heavy enough to hold items down when the wind picks up. 😉

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