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EDC Update Victorinox Walker- Swiss Army Sunday Knife review and Demo

Today Iā€™m sharing my review of the Swiss Army Victorinox Walker. An amazing option for edc pocket knife.

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I need to get one of these. The last one I bought was a recruit and I love it. To me the recruit is the perfect daily carry but the Walker is better suited for hiking. I plan to keep a walker in my backpack.

I didn't realize this had a combo bottle/can opener. SAK tools may look the same but have a lot of subtle differences.

What a timely review — I just ordered one a few days before. I have a bit of a collection of Swiss Army Knives but I'm quite drawn to this for its simplicity, small/light, and humble demeanor.

Cheers from Canada

Felix Immler has a ton of tips and tricks on his youtube channel that are helpful including how to lock out saw, blade and other tools on the victorinox.
Watch "Victorinox Tips & Tricks (23/40) – This trick makes your SAK wood saw more versatile" on YouTube

"This one is available in Alox" – no it's not, unfortunately. Only Swiss Bianco had a few hundred of them.

And not all Lumberjacks had the bottle opener, many of them (both Alox and Cellidor) had this combo tool already.

They said that the new thing about the Walker is that it has toothpick and tweezers whereas the regular Lumberjacks did not have those scale tools – but actually, some of them did, so I rather consider this as a renaming of an existing model.

Anyway, I love mine, very small and capable, perfect for a pocket sized survival bag (which might not make sense to many people, but it's for sure better than nothing). Would even be better in Alox…

My favorite is the Soldier/Pioneer.

I always have a Swiss in my pocket. Either the classic or the camper . I never knew this one existed. Thanks for sharing. God Bless

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