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Hultafors GK Knife Review – Bushcraft Knife Review

Review of the Hultafors GK knife from Sweden. Don’t forget to go to my website and click on all the ads so that I can make more money to test more knives.

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Bought 3 this past Christmas (2015) for $21.90 shipped, from a feebay seller in the UK, they had a $10 off special if you bought any 3 items. What a great deal, VERY heavy duty knife, should outlast me by a long shot.

Still, put the wood on a chopping block, and save wear and tear, by not driving the blade into the dirt. It will also reduce the force needed to split the wood because it won't bounce.

This knife is an awesome reliable workhorse . The Japanese knife steel is excellent . Just get one and try it . You will be pleasantly surprised .

Good video. One of the reasons I like Mora's scandi grinds is how easy they are to sharpen – was it easy to sharpen this knife?

I have that knife and they are great! It's in my view better and Cheaper then Mora, of course Mora are also great but for the price of the GK Hultafors model they are unbeatable in the market today.
They are thicker them Mora and they have a great steel. And I can also confirm they come razor sharp.
Not "scary" sharp, but razor sharp. Excellent knife and for the money the best one out there.

my review is that knife is good for abuse or crap work tasks, but for great degree of sharpness my mora robust is way better!!

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