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Polymath Products – Mini Survival Tin

In this video we check out the Mini Survival Tin from PolyMatch Products. This costs about $15 as of November 2019. Enjoy!

PolyMath Products Website:

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A skilled woodsman could use some of this stuff to advantage to 'survive' in an emergency, but mostly this kit is cheesy, cheap junk, even with the meds and scalpel. Better to use the weight and volume for a self-built kit you know how to use and can depend on.

Really like a lot of your insights on these reviews. I disagree with some things, number one is the pencil/pen and a pad. You know that. Nonetheless I appreciate what you do, and learned a lot from your channels.

They should say " packaged in the UK " as I'd expect it to say " packaged in the USA " because there are no doubt some Chinese made items in here.

One thing I think they failed on is the soft plastic baits, a worm and grub are things you should be able to very easily find.
Could be worse but theres gotta be something better they could have included for those who are not going to open this till it's needed.

Another great review. You might have heard of them already, but when trying to boil water in plastic or some thing like that, I found that using a WAPI is better and while the water is not boiled, I know it is safe to drink because it has reached pasteurization temps to kill anything in it. It's just less of a risk of losing your bag to the fire when you're not trying to get a boil going, and you're using much less fuel, which is a resource you might want to conserve.

This place sells them in bulk kits, or you can buy them on amazon for like $12 each, which I'd never pay.

Here you go, read about half way down and you'll see…Improved design: The Cool WAPI…and they have the prices, it's $0.95 per kit but you have to buy 100 kits. Might not be a bad idea to do a give away on your channel for one of these every once in a while since they're great for small survival kits like you show. Just a thought. Keep up the great work.

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