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Helle Algonquin Neck Knife Review

The Algonquin neck knife was inspired by the woods, lakes and rivers of Algonquin Park in Ontario, Canada.

The knife features a stout 69mm or 2.7″ blade, that’s great a great size for getting up on top of, to make controlled movements when carving, cleaning your catch, or other associated camp chores.

The handle is made from darkened oak and curly birch.

Neck knives in general come into their own in two circumstances; one is during the winter where trying to re-sheath a knife (on your hip) with a heavy jacket on can lead to slicing your jacket or the sheath, so having something around your neck that is easier get to is really handy.
The other instance is when you are canoeing in the summer; getting in and out of a canoe and having something hanging off your hip can sometimes catch you up, so again, having something handy around your neck can keep things clear and easy.

If you are looking for a little neck knife that will get the job done, check out the Helle Algonquin.

The Canadian Outdoor Equipment is an authorized distributor of Helle Knives, so when you purchase from us your product is guaranteed authentic.

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