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Gear and EDC Review: Big Skinny Multi-pocket Bi-fold Wallet

In my journey to find the “perfect” wallet, I have now arrived at the Big Skinny Multi-pocket Bi-fold. It seems to fulfill pretty much all of my expectations and requirements for a thin and lightweight nylon wallet.

The form factor of the Bi-fold Wallet is about on par with your standard leather bi-fold — at least, when viewed head-on. Once turned to its edge, the wallet reveals itself to be extraordinarily thin and svelte. The nylon used is smooth and pleasant to handle; no rough or abrasive texture here, but it’s not so smooth that it’ll slip out of your hands. Stitching all appears uniform and reasonably strong. Only time will tell how long it holds up, but I expect it to last at least a few years before giving out.

With 7 card pockets and a split billfold area, there are plenty of spots to store your stuff. The transparent window with finger cutout is a nice feature and very functional. All pockets are lined on one side with rubber so your cards and other items should stay put pretty well. While the outermost bills tend to stay put in the billfold, the innermost few may slip out… but only if you’re holding the wallet upside-down.

If you have a lot of cards and cash, have no fear: this wallet will hold it all comfortably and still likely avoid “George Costanza butt”, which will make your back and hind quarters happy when you sit with the wallet in place.

Lacking any sort of plastic backing or other source of rigidity, the Big Skinny Bi-fold tends to feel kinda “floppy”. It sacrifices this sturdiness in favor of a thin and impressively pocket-conforming design. This wallet is also a good candidate for front pocket carry and won’t jab or annoy you as you walk.

I am quite pleased overall and have very few complaints. I plan on carrying this wallet for the foreseeable future and will report back with any long term issues or complaints. For now, I find it to be a quality wallet at a very fair price. Recommended.

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holy crap thumbs up and subscribed just because of all things to use,u went with turbo grafx games! completely randomly awesome!

I just recently received a wallet from Big Skinny. Within two days of carrying it the seams were breaking in three places. I had very minimal stuff in it…4 cards and about 8-10 bills so it wasnt over stuffed by any means. I wrote to Big Skinny and they replied asking for some pics. I sent them a few pictures of the wallet showing the tears and they replied back that they were sending another to me and not to worry about returning the old one. I asked if they had a leather one in the dame model and they are send me that one instead. The cost is a bit higher so i offered to pay the difference, they told me not to worry about it that they would put the new leather one in the mail. That is what customer service is all about…..even though i think the wallet was very cheap in constructionand materials, seams dont line up so there is overhang of material and it started comming apart after two days, but the customer service was awesome

Great review. I just ordered their "compact sport" wallet (very similar) in navy blue. I figured it was time to retire the thick one I've had for over a decade (since I was 13!).

I hate that Big Skinny logo. It looks so thick, prominent and cheap. They should make it impressed like the leather version or place it inside.

It doesn't have any inherent anti-theft elements (like rubber grip on the outside, nor a velcro or snap closure). It stays put pretty well but it's not any safer than your average wallet.

Actually they don't! You think they might considering the flexible nature of the wallet, but all of my cards are absolutely dead flat. I'm considering buying another of this wallet to give away as a Christmas present. It really is a wonderful design. Thanks for watching!

There isn't a specific coin space, and none of the pockets have flaps, snaps, or other fasteners, so unfortunately, coins would likely fall out. I'd wager that Big Skinny makes at least one other wallet that would properly accommodate some coins, however. Definitely check out their website. And thanks very much for saying such nice things!

Ha ha, thanks! I still enjoy playing my TG16 (along with several other classic consoles). Thanks for watching!

I can tell you for certain that any item that touches the rubber lining will not fall out — the rubber works very well in keeping things in place. Also, how often are you going to hold your wallet open upside-down and shake it? And it is sort of flimsy in how it feels, but that's just a side effect of making it one of the thinnest wallets available. I think you should still try one if you can. Thanks for watching!!

no problem and good luck in the drawing also i was wondering about the kershaw cryo do you still recomend it i was thinking of picking one up let me know and i will sertanly check out this wallet thanks

The 2.0 that I've shown in several videos is sadly discontinued. It's been replaced by the 3.0 which is larger and thicker. I wish they'd kept both as the one really isn't a proper upgrade from the other, but that's the way it goes sometimes. You might be able to track someone down that carries some N/O stock of the 2.0 version. If you do, lemme know, hehe! Thanks for watching, friend!

Cool, glad to hear it! I should've mentioned it in the video, but yes, you're right, they have a TON of wallets for both men and women in all sorts of configurations. While I'm very satisfied with this model, I may choose at least one more and try a different layout. I wish you well in your selection. Thanks so much for watching and commenting!

Hi Shaun! Yeah, I like your wallet quite a bit — if I recall, it was made by the same guy who made one of your knife sheaths, yes? Excellent work!! Thanks very much for stopping by!

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