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ESEE Zancudo Knife Review: EDC Hall of Champions

ESEE gives Ontario a run for their money with this great budget edc offering.

GOOD- price, FFG, great ergos in my LARGE size hands, strong frame lock, good build quality for under $30.

BAD- stiff deployment, right handed deployment only.

Link to the Zancudo Vs. Rat II video

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Very good blade. I have the Zancudo and Avispa in the D2 versions. They rock but I would have liked to see a flipper on them

@gideonstactica….l know this is an older video/thread. But hopefully you will SEE THIS now (in 2017) and respond. I want a folder for when I travel to places out of my own state that might not permit the kind of large folding (tactical) knifes I normally carry (even for EDC). I was thinking of the Rat 2, but this Zancudo seems to have better ergos in the handle and I like the fact that it also has a spear point (better for piercing). Also, these days they produce the Zancudo IN D2. So, I want it even more. HOWEVER, other reviewers have complained that TIP UP position of the POCKET CLIP impedes swift thumb stud deployment because the pocket clip in that position puts pressure on the lock bar. Some have said it is practically insurmountable. That would be a deal breaker for me. QUESTION: WHAT DID YOU DO to have tip up carry…yet enable quick thumb flick deployment??? P.S. I really hope you have the solution, because I can't believe an otherwise perfect knife for my particular niche usage would be rendered unusable by me. THANK YOU for taking the time to answer. Stay safe and well.

3 years and several knives later and this is still one of my favorites. Love the shape, love the ergos, solid but not heavy and great size for edc'ing. I got the uncoated model for the reasons in your video. I have xl hands and for some reason the handle just fits like a glove.

Looks like a nice pocket knife coming into a very competitive price bracket. One question though, the "perfect blade centering" comments seems not to be backed by the video The blade actually looks to be all the way against the scale opposite the frame lock. Could you provide more detail?

I have the ultimate and easy knife mod that would cure all your unlock problems there.i HAVE TO start making vids and get this idea out there!

Did you loosen the pivot? 
Mine does not deploy quickly, at all. I'm very disappointed in that aspect of the blade. In fact my thumb is tender from trying to loosen it through use.

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