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Cudeman MT1 Survival Bushcraft and Camp knife Review

Field test and review of Cudeman’s MT1 Bushcraft Camping and Survival knife. I field test this hardcore bushcraft and camping knife from Cudeman, the MT1, which comes with a lifetime guarantee and that says it all about the quality build of this knife.

Cudeman use a proprietary steel known as MOVA with a high Mo content but this is not a maraging steel as such as it also contains in the alloy P, Mn and Si to maintain and increase the steel hardness. The carbon content is 0.59 and it is hardened to 55HRC.
To be honest I was really amazed at the edge holding capacity of the MT1. It was great and no doubt due to this high performance steel alloy of Cudeman’s.
At 5mm thick and with a razor sharp edge, and nice pointy tip, this is a perfect companion for short or long duration trips into the wilderness or outback. Good for food prepping, fire prepping and fishing and can be used for skinning although not ideal as it is not a hunting knife per se. The only thing I felt was that it was a bit heavy and probably could just as well stand up to a beating at around 4mm instead of 5mm spine thickness.
The MT-1 has a flat grind.
This knife comes with a great horizontally mounted scabbard for easy one handed access. The scabbard fits a standard tactical belt such as a 5.11 TDU59551 which I am wearing in this video.


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I have the same one for almost 4 years now. Is a really good knife. I have knives on 440 (c, hc, and whatever). This Boler is IMO soo much better!.

Great review. I'd lookin for a good knife for a while and didn't know Cudeman. But you convince me to buy one. Thanks

Hello, I wanted to know if according to your experience is the best Cudeman MT1 and MT5? And because it considers it better? thank you so much

How about sharpening? I had some bad experience with MoVa steel, very tough and very very hard to sharpen? Thanks for the review

Hi there from Greece!I enjoy my friend a lot your videos.I am very much in fond off all your knives tests and of cource the variety of the landscapes you are show us.I would like to ask you if you are planning to inform us about the Cudeman MT-2.I really like a lot that knife.Thanks a lot.

Lol very nice knives but I believe I found one thank u for responding so quick I'll be watching ur reviews on other knives

I have been using the Cudeman MT1 daily for the last six months after huge disappointment using a Bear Grylls 'Ultimate' knife which didn't really cut it (excuse the pun). What I really like about the MT1, as you point out, is the blade retention and the fact it feels solid and very, very well made. Your review is bang on the mark and as a result I now know I can give it a rough time without fear of pushing the blade strength to it's breaking point. Thanks for the great video review – awesome job!

Hi, I have the Cudeman MT-1 for the last 4-5 years using it day in and day out taking it all around the globe and let me say it have proved it purpose.  From the extreme heat of the Desert Sahara to the chilling cold of Iceland I have used it for batoning, making fire, hunting, skinning, wood craft and many others and still keeps as new.  Good description for the MT-1 and I'll suggest you the Cudeman Spartan, for me now it’s the only knife brand I use, I have the MT-1, MT-2, JJ SK1, 148, Spartan and looking to buy the Boina Verde. Allow me to suggest the Cudeman 148 for bushcraft with Scandinavian blade Iand enjoy your MT-1 mate! 😉

Hi, In name of Cudeman Spain and UK we are truly grateful for this incredible review of the MT1 (295k). You have done the perfect and correct way of reviewing a knife, given it some extreme abuse and proven the quality of our products. once again Thank you

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