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Best Benchmade Knives of 2020 – AXIS-Locks, Autos, Balisongs and Fixed Blades!

It’s hard to talk about Benchmade without the AXIS Lock, but don’t forget their automatics, tactical knives, fixed blades and butterfly knives. With USA-made quality, it’s hard to go wrong with a Benchmade.

Featured Knives
0:00 Intro
0:50 Presidio II:
3:29 Bugout:
4:49 Bailout:
6:17 Crooked River:
7:48 Triage:
9:52 Osborne:
11:14 Infidel:
12:28 51 Morpho:
14:21 200 Puukko and 202 Leuku:
16:29 Saddle Mountain Skinner:

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27 replies on “Best Benchmade Knives of 2020 – AXIS-Locks, Autos, Balisongs and Fixed Blades!”

I always get excited for new content. Im not really looking to buy a Benchmade anytime soon, but David virtually always tempts me with something unexpected, and that first blade in the presentation is gonna squeak into my wishlist. There is really something to be said for a host that has undeniably excellent taste. He's just the best at what he does.

Well I'm poor not buy choice so until American companies are more competitive with the import market I'll be happily sending my money overseas

There is little doubt you are a premier knife host. I wonder how you are able to go thru a table full of new knife models without a single bobble in your presentations. Just getting all the model pronunciations correct is a feat itself. It would be great if you could do a presentation of small handy knives. You might call them Penknives; most are small in size yet are great for doing more things than most might realize possible. A few examples would be Buck 385,375, Case 7205, Spyderco Bug and Old Timer Minuteman. Likely you might know of many others; these small knives make great gifts for even people who likely wouldn’t carry or use large knives. I found the best way to get anyone interested in pocket knives; is giving them a little one that doesn’t intimidate them.

David C Anderson is my idol fr… as a person he seems super approachable and nice and funny and that's a lot these days most people are robots.. I want his autograph so I can show it off and brag about it when my friends come over

I'm really loving my new bhq exclusive g10 20cv bug bugout and I freaking love my new full size sheepdog with black micarta

I got my 940-2 last week. I love it. It's nice and light, but very capable. Feels more substantial than my Bugout.

The mini Presidio 2 was a major contender though. If it had been in stock I might have it instead. I have also been eyeing the mini Crooked River. That's a pretty knife.

I have a Griptillian and I use it a lot,I’m an electrician,so I use it almost daily.Maybe I should be using a cheaper knife,but I like it.I keep it in my chest pocket on my coveralls.

I like that you started with the Precidio 2. I have been trying to tell Blade HQ to give that blade some air time. I don't think enough people even know about it. I have the full size and it is a great knife. I have the aluminum handled one, but the new one is nice as well. Good slicer while being closer to heavy duty than something like the bugout. Speaking of the bugout, that battle wash exclusive is nice. Great choices in this video.

Actually carrying my BM550-1 today. Definitely wanna get a Presidio in hand soon tho. Wanna check out the CF Elite and like that spear point blade

For the price, I’d expect better edge grinds. Benchmade: Constantly irritating me. And their anti-2A comments/behavior will never leave my brain. I will constantly remind them of that. I would hope others do as well.

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