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26 replies on “Ruger LCP II 380 Review : THE BEST DEEP CONCEALMENT EDC FIREARM”

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So glad I found this video, I've been trying to decide on a 380 and I think I have my answer now. Also loved the Seinfeld reference haha

I carry a Smith and Wesson SD9VE. My CC holster was purchased from We The People holsters. I like the Ruger will check it out. Thanks as always!!!!!

I bought a LCP 2 about three years ago to replace my original LCP. The LCP 2 has a much better trigger, sight picture, and last round hold open. I carry this thing everyday as a backup, either pocket carry, or in an ankle rig. Well worth the extra money over the original version in my opinion. Thanks for another great video!

That definitely look like a great one for a lil peepee shooter to carry at all times, And that in the pocket shealth is slick.

My fist CCW is in .380 Auto. There are a ton of good .380 carry rounds, so not concerned about the caliber, but the ammo is much more expensive during COVID, like $ 0.80+ per round for FMJ's. Except for my Hellcat in 9mm, a single stack .380 is so easy to carry, so I just need to get my wife shooting. Another good vid.

I have an LCP I. Let me tell you there is a big difference between the I and II. For those on the fence, spend the extra bucks for the II. Better ergonomics, way better sight picture, the trigger pull is more consistent, safety trigger, and it locks back after the mag is empty. One thing I’d recommend is getting the 8 round extension mag, it doesn’t add too much length, but just enough to get a 3 finger hold on it, rather than 2.

Pretty good pick. Im not a fan of the mile long trigger tho. Maybe thats just the gen 1s who knows.

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