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The James Brand Carter Pocketknife: A Classic Mild Mannered Review (and a few extra throughts)

I’ll say this for James Brand, they have the marketing game nailed. Does the marketing translate into a great product… you be the judge.

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James Brand Carter Pocketknife:

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24 replies on “The James Brand Carter Pocketknife: A Classic Mild Mannered Review (and a few extra throughts)”

Seems just kind of plain Jane really nothing to special. Seems well made just nothing to write home about. Great review 👍

Fantastic review (as always). Seems like a great knife for the fedora-wearing Starbucks crowd. Let them enjoy their generic, overpriced hipster garbage. I'll stick to more exciting Chinese blades from brands I actually trust. 🤣

i swear, non-knife people will defend this knife with the phrase "at least it has a very creative locking mechanism!"
back to the knife: a non-dropshutty axis lock WITH horizontal blade play is a very ugly thing and a sign of bad tolerances, i had pretty terrible benchmades over the years, but none of them had both of this issues combined.
the look of the knife is boring in a good way (besides of the ugly, blocky clip), i like the look of the thumb disk, but i think i would re-anodize it in a bronze color.
considering the fit 'n' finish issues and the materials, the prize is bad, the same amount of $ buys you a hogue min ritter rsk in 20cv, wich will spank this knife in every aspect.

Excellent review Brad. I was tempted at first by this knife but then felt like the actual target that they are after is probably non knife addicts. It ticks most boxes and to someone who has a little interest in knives it is appealing and “safe”.
Maybe the good thing about this knife could be that it might encourage “noninifenuts” to look more into our world… what do you think?

I’m glad you’ve got a mind of your own. Unless it’s priced right, we’re clearly not the market for this one.

From what I’ve seen, Asher knives (I know it’s different aesthetic) has more for your dollar.

Terrific review brother! Looks like a decent enough knife but that clip….hmmmm! In my opinion, I think people "buy the brand" all the time! Happens with the big boys like Spyderco and Benchmade all the time!!

Liked the review. For 137 do I think it is worth it? Not really. Materials are not bad VG10 sharpens well. I like the clip going above the knife but think it looks odd. Looks stamped I guess. Am I going to pay that unfortunately no. It may very well be what someone else is looking for just not me.

You nailed it when you said "your buying the brand" it's that $135 price point because someone has to pay for the marketing somehow. EDC of the year 😮🤣🤣

I really like it ,especially the blade shape for some reason but like you said it's nothing special that deserves that price. If it was 90 bucks for the micarta I'd probably already have one.

I saw where this knife won and immediately thought it was a farce. I know a lot of better knives that are actually carried and used in the EDC community. I know of 1 Youtuber that gave this knife a good review and got some sold to his blind followers. Now he's on to $1k knives, $500 pens and $500 flashlights. He got his for free so I'm sure he thought it was a good deal.

You are a better man than I am. You went through the whole review without saying the words "hipster brand." Great honest review and awesome intro music.

I’ve always said TJB has SUUUUPER clean lines! This is definitely in that category. It’s definitely too small for me to appreciate it. The pocket clip is absurdly big…almost comical. I would say it’s over priced as much as the Bugout is…we have all said the Bugout should be around $110…maybe the same for this knife?? VG-10, G10, Chinese made….probably $110 + $30 for the logo, fair?? You’ve done such a good review I will not be buying this knife hahaha

Great review! I was interested in the knife when I first saw it, then I saw the price, and then I saw the materials, and then I looked at a different knife haha If it was quite a bit cheaper, I’d give it a chance, but not at this price. Thank you for biting the bullet for us and saving some of us from the marketing hype!

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