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Victorinox Swiss Army Knife NailClip 580 Nail Clipper Unboxing and Review


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10 replies on “Victorinox Swiss Army Knife NailClip 580 Nail Clipper Unboxing and Review”

I get it’s a part of the channel, and excuse me if I’m wrong about this (I’m new here) but the gloves just seem hella inconvenient. It’s impractical to use a tool to open an item you’re reviewing because you can’t really tell exactly how hard or easy it is to open, and I know IM not carrying around a tool to open my tools. I’ve encountered knives that’ll open right up or damn near break a nail, and there’s no way to gauge that or how it really feels in hand with thick gloves on

All the Wenger models were converted to Victorinox tweezers and toothpicks. They also took Victorinox can openers, and probably a few other little things.

Kind of redundant for my taste. One of the main uses for the scissors is to cut my nails and that is the main purpose of the smaller pocket or key chain knife. Having scissors and nails cutters on this small knife is again redundant. If I have actual nail clippers what do I need the scissors for on this small of a knife?

If I want scissors for other purposes then I would have them on my larger knife.

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