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Off Grid Knives Badger EDC Flipper – Unboxing & Review
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12 replies on “Off Grid Knives Badger EDC Flipper – Unboxing & Review”

Definitely missed ya, Doc! This knife looks like a ZT and an emerson had a baby!😂😂😂😂😂 ATB!!

That is a short and fat knife…I kinda want one to see how it'd fit me! I think it'd fill out perfectly!

And yes, wondered if you'd been infected by the plandemic, until I saw the Warhammer tank vids 😛

I received my first OGK yesterday. The Viper will be in pocket for the next week or so, looking forward to using the K110 (D2) blade.

I have been impressed by every OGK I’ve put my hands on, and sounds like this one will be another winner!

@DocP91B I have been sending you messages. Did you get them? Come on people 76 veiws and only 7 likes. Yall can do better than that.

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