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Cold Steel Code 4 Spear Point Folding Knife Review

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Blade Length: 3.6 inches
Steel: AUS-8 (New ones will be CTS XHP Carpenter Steel)
Locking Mechanism: Tri-Ad Lock
Handle Material: Aluminum
Weight: 4.3 ounces
Made In: Taiwan
Price: $50-60

My Review of the Code Steel Code 4 Folding Knife. This is a slim, light, strong folding knife, good for utility as well as “slice/thrust.” This is marketed as a knife for gun owners and uniformed professions. Any folding knife of this size is going to be a compromise, in this role, but Cold Steel has put together a very good compromise at a reasonable price.

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Cut myself 3 times in the 2 days I’ve own this knife. First 2 were minor. I guillotined my right index finger on the third time. And yes, the blade is very sharp! No stitches needed but it was a deep gash.
Be very careful closing this knife!

Got this knife recently and I think it´s great. It is quite similar to the Recon 1, a knife I have carried for years. This knife is basically a slimmer, slightly smaller and lighter version of the Recon 1. Super strong lock up. Mine was not overly tight out of the box. I have owned a number of Tri-ad lock knives, and a couple have been very stiff out of the box. However after a few weeks of handling they break in well, the knife opens and closes smoothly while still retaining an incredibly strong lockup.
As to the lack of textured grip, I was a little worried about that, but holding the knife in my hand, I think it´s fine. When you hold this knife in hammer grip, as I would in a self-defense situation, it feels just as secure as my Recon 1. The handle shape is great, the choil is pronounced, and with my fingers wrapped around it in hammer grip I don´t feel like the knife is going anywhere. All in all another excellent Cold Steel knife, I think this would be a great EDC knife or even a defensive knife for someone who wants something a bit sleeker and less obtrusive in the pocket than a Recon 1 or Voyager.

what do you think clip point recon 1 or spear point ? clip point looks very cool put the tip is less strong i guess^^

A little too much emphasis on the self defense aspect unless you're military/law enforcement. There are many bigger, better blades out there for that. This is an edc that does everything pretty well. Slim, relatively light, decent size blade, smooth for easy in and out of pocket, handle shaped for a good grip, killer lock and now with a great new steel.

10 minutes ago I learned the hard way that you shall not try flick a folder with a stiff lock. The folder I was trying to flick was a Ganzo G727M.

Nice knife. They have these in CTS-XHP now, but I'm sure that you already have that knife as well. I have the AUS-8 and the CTS model. Both are great.

I have tanto version and it requires a lot of pressure to release the lock. Maybe because it's new and has to wear a bit… Opening is very smooth, it's feels pleasant in hand despite size.

I think especially the spear point is gorgeous. Just a really pretty knife, plus there's tactical merit to it.

To me this is a large gentlemen's knife. I prefer not to recommend a single knife when people in law enforcement, military, or other emergency services, or people who want a knife to be used in emergency situations ask.

I do however try to point them in a general direction and give them reasonable guidelines like; Needs both a tractionable handle shape and a grippy texturing. Not only is this very essential for holding onto the knife while using it in wet, bloody, muddy, sweaty, cold, or other compromising conditions, it is also key to being able to quickly remove the knife from your pocket in a stressful environment(at which the aforementioned conditions may also be present).

I also must be almost effortless to open(NO TRI-AD LOCK WITH THUMB STUDS). It's just too clumsy and there's a high risk of slipping off the thumb stud under duress and closing back on the fingers instead(seen it happen more than once). So if the retention pressure remains to a point at which you can fit fingers between the blade and handle, I tell them to avoid it.

And as I said, I generally prefer not to recommend any one knife, but when it can't be avoided I almost always go with the Manix line from Spyderco. Especially in the roll assigned to the Code 4 by Cold Steel.

Held this knife in hand and I must say it is a testament to the BS that is textured grips. It's all in the handle shape and this knife gets it right.

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