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A Homemade Compact Survival Kit

Here’s a compact wilderness survival kit that I’ve been working on. I’m also working on a more “urban” survival kit of the same size that I’ll show in a future video. Enjoy!

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Can of spam and a buck knife and a rifle a tent can of sterno a flashlight a shovel and axe oh yeah fishing pole and a bag of matches and my pickup truck is in my survival garage.

You made the only survival kit that I've ever respected or thought would be an actual help. You should be designing your own because i would definitely consider buying. I don't know how you thought it would be possible to fit 2 shelter elements with paracord and a water straw but my hat is off to you.

I looked down your vid list and couldn't see you'd done it but might have missed it. Have you made the granddaddy of all survival kits, the one in the SAS Survival Guide and give it a review?

Take out pack matches add fresnal lens take out wire saw add mini alum… pot grabber one extra h20 bag. Several bullion cubes optional add cheap disposable poncho or large garbage bag.

Great kit! You got a lot in there. You need to do a video, on how you rolled that duct tape so precisely ! That’s impressive 👍

I thought I was the only person fascinated by survival kits. Outstanding work and I really enjoy your format. Clean, simple, easy to understand. Also a good, well practiced voice that is easy to listen to. Bravo.

I made one of these myself. You have given me some new ideas. I believe "My medic" sells the small packages of sunscreen.

Norewgian here new fan, just wanna say these little kits are great and all in a cast away situation but real survival most importent thing is the clothing you have on you including shoes. And having a good light tent and sleeping bag, a real bag and ground mat not that sol crap that might be good in a desert. And having some food you can eat while walking that don't need heating up. And atleast 2 liters of water in 2 water containers.I could go on but get the point people.Also those micro fishing kits, anyone who actually have not done any fresh water fishing will be in for a suprise as most will go hungry.Getting a fish to bite can be super hard most of the time.Fish can be real emo and very cautious.

My "sewingthread" is 20m of 0.20mm braid fishingline (powerpro, fireline…), much stronger then regular thread but still great sewingthread.
My braid is wound on the bic and a piece of ziptie, that allow me to store the needles (2) in the space between ziptie-lighter-line.
Suggestion for the fishing kit, put fishingflies in there (gold-ribbed-hares ear and Red-tag are my choise), they may give you fish without bait (and other animals that eat bugs).

I would replace the wire with Kevlar kite cord and since I live in AZ, there would be at least 2 water bags and double the purification tabs. We can't have lighters or batteries in our kits in the summer, they explode in the heat in our vehicles. I would add a few 6" nails, for multi-use as shelter stakes, you can drive one in a stick and use as a spear/gig, caltrops, etc. You left out zip ties which you usually include and tinder tabs.

I think I'd go with a mess tin for the container, and add a belt pouch to hold it; This way you'd also have a place to put all the contents when you use the tin. To the fishing kit I'd add two of the smallest hooks you can find, and one of the largest (e.g. a 2/0, it will allow you to jig after fish and other small animals, or retrieve gear/ floating debris). A bug net that goes over your head might be a good edition too, as it will double as a net for catching bait fish or insects. Finally, concerning the sun screen: some brands produce them in lipstick format, although they might be limited in SPF. Another option would be to get something like a small lip balm or vaseline container and fill it with the sun screen of your choice.

This is a well thought out kit. If you are open to suggestions I would swap the one handed treker for a leatherman rebar. It gives more functionality and is smaller. I would also switch the classic sd for the micra just a thought. Otherwise an excellent kit

Great kit! I probably use a Sofirn C01 AAA light instead of the microlight. Runtime on low is over 20 hours and has fantastic color rendering. I’d probably get the nonserrated Trekker though so you could field sharpen it if necessary. Maybe add a single use Super Glue for gear repair. I realize this will take up a little room but maybe you could add it to either the small tube or first add bag since it could be used for that as well.

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