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What's INSIDE the Hidden Woodsmen Survival Kit

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26 replies on “What's INSIDE the Hidden Woodsmen Survival Kit”

Malcolms A Great Guy and makes Bombproof gear ive had my hiddenwoodsman gear for years and its still bombproof…Cheers Ben great items ! ,;;; Spook

Just a suggestion for all y’all looking to put together a first aid kit. A roll of sterile gauze and a triangular bandage are some pretty crucial items I’ve noticed missing from a lot of first aid kits on yoyrube

Can't tell for sure, but it looks like your first aid kit is worthless for a major cut. I don't care about things that need band aids.

Nice bag from Malcolm.. Great packing job on that kit. That Bear Bowl sound like something to put into several kits. Thank you for the video, Ben

comment: those Bic lighters do leak but mainly burnt fingers…bad choice…find a lighter with a extended flame nozzle…there are many types that will give separation between the flint and ignition. also the possibility of the plastic breaking is high…there are far better lighters out there…perhaps more costly but a reliable fire source is worth the cost. also you should use the "3 Principal "method of "The Roaring Pica Company" from Colorado. 3 fire sources, three cutting sources and three water filtration sources, 3 use equipment,… etc. …if you desire contact for them let me know and I will get you that info. The guy is very knowledgeable and experienced 55 years in the Rocky Mountains.

Great kit Ben, I particularly love the foldable little bucket with the metal plate. Can't wait to see all the sizes

I have to say that those "nice" sacks and pouches cost more than my full kit with tarp, blanket, cooking kit, first aid, toolkit etc You get such prices when you shop army surplus, salvation army and others, and especially if you get old army stuff the quality is much better. But hey if I got them for free they are great.

The bear bowl will only work on a gas stow, I don't think the sides a fireproof, compare it with sea to summits x-bowls in silicone

Nice idea … he is out of stock …. guess I will have to sew one up using a pair of old Blue Jeans ( really very simple to do ) and 3M Scotch coat it inside and out =) Thanks for the idea =)

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