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Uncle Flint's Survival Fishing Kit II

Today we check out the Survival Fishing Kit II from Uncle Flint’s. I paid around $28 for this on Amazon in March of 2020. Enjoy!
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I agree with the guy that said something about a multi tool…. really should've went with something that could be used for pliers or something. Adding the entire razor knife seems like unneeded redundancy. Maybe an extra blade, yes, but adding the whole knife… shouldve pulled the other one out.

I love little kits like this and PLEASE make all the vids you want on small kits. Since you like to fish and carry a small kit, have your seen the rodless reel? I LOVE these and for carrying on a hike along with some lures in that tin, you can actually use the spinner baits since this is a 3:1 gear ratio and the gears are stainless steel and HOPEFULLY he makes one with the compartment in the spool or handle for storing a few hooks and sinkers for real emergency surival type use. He said he was working on a new design for just such a compartment. Keep up the great work.

I don't fish, I've never fished, and I'd still rather watch you reviewing a fishing kit than anyone else reviewing the stuff I'm actually interested in 😁
Maybe I'll give fishing a go…

You really cant use the spoon and spinner lures without a reel and pole and the metal leaders are for fish with sharp teeth the floating lures work great if your fishing with a spool and no pole I think they should of added some ultralight line(4-6lbs) and sone tiny hooks in case you need to catch panfish or small trout.

Please can you show us how to use the fishing 🎣 kit please.
Like what to use and for the kinds of fish 🐟

Check out the vigilant trails survival kits, there are a few different types and they are quality stuff. Also Don t know if you reviewed the b.o.s.s. survival kits, they are really decent also.

Nice review of a nice little kit.
I checked out Uncle Flint’s kits a while back. Some nice kits there. Seems they put a lot of thought into the kits.

The price is not unreasonable considering the assembly cost. I like your additions, although I'd recommend trying to include perhaps a small multitool or some other means of cutting the barb off of a hook in case you really stuck yourself good with one of those hooks.personally, I'd unspool that line onto a flat credit card like spool, like get an old gift card or your blockbuster card, and unspool the line onto the flat spool to make more room. Also include a few eyelet screws so it would be easier to assemble a fishing rod from a branch or something. Great review as always.

Awesome. Love micro kits like this. Despite not being an overall survival kit, I find more specialized kits like this better suited for the task they hope to accomplish.

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