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SOL Pocket Survival Pack Plus

A review of the SOL (Survive Outdoors Longer) Pocket Survival Pack Plus. Enjoy!

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One thing I wish.
That they had all those notes online or on a flash drive or something like that.
Some of us don’t have eyes that work so well any more

What extra items would you add to the kit that will fit inside? I was disappointed you didn’t do your usual adding, replacing and modifications of the kit to make it even better.

I have mine inside a bcb tin with roll over hinge locks and removable silicone gasket (same as the tins the bcb ultimate survival kits use) and are sold by best glide in USA, so that I can cook/boil small amounts of water in it as well as adding more items.

Put a wood handle on that crkt .knife and use the foil to back the bag takes six hrs to purivfy water in the bag if no more tabs are available just some advice

I would take that CRKT knife stick it in a vice and take a mill file to the back to square it up so it will work better on the I assume the two fero rods in that sparkier. Two is one and one is none.

Nothing i hate more than watching videos like this and having my eardrums blown out by a whistle. I really wish ppl would stop we know what they sound like.

I have the exact same kit, Doug Ritter did a very thorough job putting it together and the survival knife is an excellent design.

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