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Olight Warrior Mini Honest review | 1500 Lumen flashlight | EDC and Tactical use | Magnetic charging

Hi there you beautiful people.

Olight kindly sent me out a Warrior Mini flashlight for me to test and review.

They are having a flash sale starting at 2000 Monday 28th September 2020 and ends at at 2359 on the 28th. So just 28 hours to grab yourself a bargain.

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13 replies on “Olight Warrior Mini Honest review | 1500 Lumen flashlight | EDC and Tactical use | Magnetic charging”

I would be worried about the charging point picking up all of those metal filings and shorting out when you need to charge it, especially if you`ve let it run out and you`ve put it on charge in low light and cannot see how contaminated it is!

I allready have the s2r baton ll and m2r pro warrior so i can't find a good reason to buy the warrior mini…….yet lol. great video btw πŸ‘

Olight are good but boy are they overpriced! The seriously lack a few basic features to, no spot focus for example. Also colour filters are clip on, in the 80’s you had integrated filters. Why any needs a 2 billion, trillion Lumen torch I don’t know. You can see with just 1 without blinding an astronaut on the space station. πŸ˜‰

I use there head torch every night awesome be careful it turned its self on in my work bag and nearly set fire to my gear in my bag

I've looked at these before, ideal for hgv drivers being compact and lightweight, certainly seems to pack a punch and won't take up much room in the kit bag, maybe time i ditched the maglite for one of these?Good honest review, you may have just convinced me πŸ‘

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