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Olight Warrior Mini 1500 Lumens Tactical EDC Flashlight Review

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Didn't even mention the ability to change the tailcap modes. Stop crapping out videos and take a second to learn about the products you are "reviewing." Reading the manual would be a good start.

Your ready rifle Posts 7 hours ago… HEY SOOTCH00, YouTube removed your two go rifle recently, I saw them before they were removed, now both posts are BLANK…. LEFTIST SLAM AGAIN, BOO,

Your new video "Is Your Go To Rifle Ready?" was removed from YouTube. Maybe time to move to Bitchute or something that won't censor your videos. Is it available anywhere else?

What's up with the latest live stream? I had set a reminder but when I went to watch it says "Removed due to terms violation" . Is there another place to watch it?

I love olight, I ordered this one and have a half a dozen others. Am I the only one who wishes they didn’t do the magnetic tail? I don’t really need my flashlight sticking to everything else in my pocket…

Hey buddy can you please do a review on the Marlin 1895 Skinner” TRAPPER” 45-70 gov 16.5” TSBL???? Lots people wondering about and wanting this, I heard it’s better than the marlin sbl grey 18”.

I have two i5t's. One with 1.2V ni-mh rechargeable(20 hours on 15 lumens which i use 99% of the time). The second has a rechargeable li-ion 3.6V with one output of 600 lumens. It's for quick illumination/self defense. If i didn't allready own the S2R ll i would get the warrior mini. Thx for the video. Fun as always 👍

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