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Car SURVIVAL KIT | 25 MUST HAVE Items in Your BUG OUT Vehicle

Click the link below for the full gear list in this video:

2020 Bug Out Bag Video (what else I keep in my car)

Pepper Spray Fogger (one in video is currently sold out)

BaoFeng Ham Radio

2020 Prepper Spreadsheet Freebie – (How to calculate how much food you need for your family):

Some Other Goodies:

Jackery 1000 Solar Generator (The ONE thing you should get before November)

Jackery 500 (Smaller Version)

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22 replies on “Car SURVIVAL KIT | 25 MUST HAVE Items in Your BUG OUT Vehicle”

Now is the time to make sure you got all your Emergency gear ready to go. Things about to get interesting!

Fing hate youtube for these double AD's shit… I pledged to NOT buy anything from the company these ADs are for n buy a different brand

Great video! Just added pepper spray to my car also! I like the idea of the gel, seems like a good thing to have these days.

Really enjoyed the video with the focus on vehicle safety. However, one thing that is of concern is that in a state where there is constant heat, many of these items will have a very short shelf life in the car. As a result, there are many things I have to be careful not to leave in the car as I know it won't be any good in as short as the next day like water (especially in plastic bottles), medications and/or first aid items. These items would then have to be taken in and out of the car everyday. Not sure what the solution would be for this and would require more thought…. But, there are still some items outlined in your video that can be kept in the car robust enough to survive the heat like tools. Thanks again!

Great channel! Been binge watching since I came across it earlier today πŸ˜‚ this vid was perfect timing too cause I’m moving from desert -> mountains and cold weather! πŸ₯ΆπŸ‘πŸ»

I like the idea of the keltec. I have been looking for a vehicle gun for some time and haven't been able to make up my mind

I carry a gas mask, ANTIFA, police, and even patriots spray gas and pepper spray around like its there job. Especially if you suffer from asthma, it will change your whole experience.

I like the shovel, have had mine, that's just like this one, in my car for several years now. Good stuff, but man, I need to update my car kit now.

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