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Ferrum Forge Stinger Full Review! My new favorite sub $100 knife!

In this video I provide my full review of the Ferrum Forge Knife Works Stinger in Nitro-V Blade Steel and explain why I think it is the best knife you can buy for under $100 right now.

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Nitro V is actually AEB-L at heart. NJSB added Nitrogen and Vanadium to improve edge performance, and to achieve high hardness and extreme corrosion resistance. It has been said on more than one occasion that Nitro V could very well be used in diving knives, rather than the standard 420c or titanium, because of this ability to resist staining and corrosion. Nitro V is a martensitic stainless steel with a chromium-based composition. The breakdown of the elements is as follows:

Iron – 84.9662%
Carbon – 0.68%
Chromium – 12.98%
Vanadium – 0.079%
Nitrogen – 0.1098%
Manganese – 0.78%
Silicon – 0.384%
Phosphorus – 0.019%
Sulfur – 0.002%

Great review – definitely excited to check one out. I’m gonna send you one of those knives I was telling you about for review 😊

Every heat treat and geometry is different, but here's and example of testing by the champ Pete from Cedric and Ada. Nitro V is very corrosion resistant, but not as much as LC200N. On a rope cut test LC200N cut between 500 – 550 times by 2 different makers, Nitro V cut between 250 – 350 (2 different makers)

Does Ferrum Forge ever plan to bring there production a 💯% back to 🇺🇸 ? I understand they are building their brand, but as far as what their goals are. I always liked the knives they designed. This looks like a great knife, but I don’t see it killing the Bugout, I bet if you called all the knife distributors and ask them what their most sold knife was in the past couple years I bet the Bugout is it.

Yep. I am buying one of these. I think it will be ok for my hand size…we will see. But the design is for sure just a win. Especially for the price.

Ferrum Forge seem to have `hit it out of the ballpark‘ in the sub $100 price point with this one and is definitely a compelling reason for me to get one in my pocket. It certainly makes you think about how some makers can get it so right and, others, so wrong. There really doesn’t appear to be anything to `nitpick‘ about with this one and overall impression‘s, are all good if not great! Once again Jake, thanks for your efforts on the video 😄👍

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