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Best Japanese Chef Knife in 2020 – Reviews From the Best!

Best Japanese Chef Knife
Japanese knives are coveted for their beautiful and detailed design, as well as the cuts they produce. Their blades are typically thin and delicate, and prone to breaking if you don’t take care of them properly — not ideal for the clumsy chef. They allow for thin, precise cuts and beautiful presentation; the ones you’d find in a five-star sushi restaurant.


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These Best Japanese Chef Knife Video Buying Guide Included Products Are:

1. Global 8″ japanese chef knife
2. DALSTRONG Santoku japanese chef knife
3. Shun Cutlery Premier 7” japanese chef knife
4. Enso Large japanese chef knife
5. Miyabi Birchwood SG2 japanese chef knife
6. Miyabi Fusion Morimoto Edition japanese chef knife
7. Yoshihiro VG-10 46 Layers japanese chef knife
8. Kasumi 88020-8 inch japanese chef knife
9. Yoshihiro 240mm Inox Sujihiki japanese chef knife
10. Shun Classic 2 Piece japanese chef knife

Because you’re looking for the best Japanese chef knives, you probably know Japanese cutlery holds an invaluable spot in the history of the craft. With traditions that have been ceremoniously respected for centuries, Japanese knife-forging is widely regarded as illustrious.

If you’re a true culinary connoisseur or enthusiast, you’ll be searching for one of the best Japanese chef knives at least once in your lifetime. Get a head start with our complete guide in the video, which breaks down the design, quality, and performance specs of the most impressive models currently on the market.

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I owned a Miyabi Birchwood SG2 and I love this Knife =)
I have noticed, that th Shun Cutlery Premier 7” japanese chef knife looks the same way as Kochling Knifes from germany – strange 😛

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