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The Kaweco Liliput EDC Fountain Pen: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

The Kaweco Liliput is a great little fountain pen for EDC. It’s small, it’s durable, it’s great to write with, and unlike most fountain pens, it’s not a diva. Although it’s not perfect, and it’s a bit slow on the deploy, it’s a 100% solid gem, and has quickly become one of my favorite pens to carry.

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I know this was suppose to be a review but I laughed way to hard on the jokes and it's kinda like a standup comedy and a review at the same time. LOL

Nick, since you love the Lilliput so dearly, I reckon you must love the Kaweco Supra Steel or Brass pens just as much. They are essentially slightly bigger, thicker, heavier Lilliputs with a #6 steel nib, to boot. I’m besotted with Kaweco pens as EDCs. I have many Kawecos, and not single one of them has ever given me any trouble or grief. The Lilliput is so very fairly priced too, given its many advantages.

What size is the nib on the copper fountain pen?? You never mentioned it. 😭 I’m thinking of ordering one in Fine. 🖋💕

I have the smooth brass, the aluminum and the wavy brass one. I want the copper version. One is in my pocket every single day. Love them. Thanks for highlighting them!

Thank you Nick. I do have a Lilliput and I have a squeezy converter that fits it, but It just doesn't hold a great deal of ink. I use mine mostly for puzzles and jotted notes and lists so it is not a problem.

I think I love this pen after watching this review. I have a thing for copper and this looks incredible. Thx Nick for the awesome review. 🙂👍🏻

That patina on the copper looks freakin' great. I had been on the fence between buying that one and the MUCH more expensive fired blue finish, but I'm definitely going for that one now!

I just got a Brass EF Liliput for application reasons. Having started using a Midori Passport Traveler's Notebook, I needed something with an EF nib that was small enough to carry in the notebook. Cartridges seemed to be the way to go in order to insure that I had a backup ink supply when I'm out in the middle of nowhere. The Kaweco Liliput seemed to be the answer. Guess I got a deal for myself finding one for $73.

I love this pen! perfect little edc fountain pen for me. I have a black aluminum one but would really like a brass or steel one for the extra weight.

I have a jinhao 159, gold and black and it writes amazingly it cost like €20 on Amazon just fantastic and looks more expensive then it is.

It's love at first sight. I love steel finish pens. But I would like to know a few things since you own that. Are both the copper and steel liliputs prone to scratches? And is it possible to store an extra cartridge inside the barrel?

Hey Nick, greetings from Russia. I like the pen and going to buy one but the cheapest version is aluminum, the steel costs almost two times more. The weight is different twice as well – 11 gram against 23. Does it make sense to overpay for steel version? If aluminum one is too lite?

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