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QSP Penguin Folding Knife – Overview and Review

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12 replies on “QSP Penguin Folding Knife – Overview and Review”

I have taken mine apart and there are two super super thin Teflon washers between the blade and the bronze washers. Very smooth indeed.

Almost a bummer to see how good this thing is… we have to kick the China knife addiction eventually and then there's this… like, "hey guys, look, crack just got cheaper"

EDIT – The Penguin uses a Teflon washer on one side, which is how it achieves the smooth action. Sorry about that! 👍

I have this exact knife and I really love it. The blue jean micarta is unique, and you're dead on about how great the action is. I think the washers are copper though, and when I pulled it apart there's an extra set of super thin Teflon washers in there as well. That's weird, right?

Yes an other great one, i go for the simpeler lines these days and that denim micarta is dead sexy.
I would even gladly pay more for a better blade steel like 20cv or something in this same knive.

In Alabama, they don’t care what carry unless it’s a Bowie knife and in a few cities I know it is 3 inches and below but statewide you can just do whatever, so lit

Loves me my Penguin. Only gripe is that it's made in China – I would have paid more if it was made pretty much anywhere else (including Taiwan).

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