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Gerber Australian Bowie Knife: Test & Review

We take a look a long discontinued Gerber Bowie knife and remember the excellent CS Trailmaster that is was modeled after!

Carbon steel Trailmasters seem to be no more but…
MTECH Trailmaster, very affordable, tested and really xlnt, video coming out soon:
Thanks to Patreon member James White for this cool Gerber loaner!

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TNP Patreon is where the action is! Lots more videos and action over there…never too late to join and support the workload: And don’t believe the rumors Patreon is shutting down, it isn’t and they have not messed with me yet. YT is also imperfect and I’m still here too ( so are you)! Here's just some of the comments from TNP Patrons on this video that was posted by elite TNP Donors: "Robert I have one! Love it 2w Todd Strelka Very cool. There's nothing like a large knife! πŸ”ͺ 1 2w Tex Love the large fixed blade reviews! 2w Greg Malcom I really like table top KRVs (and GRVs) with inset outdoor footage! Such great info and entertainment. 3 2w The Nutnfancy Project Thank you Greg, I do too! Outdoor wilderness stuff remains at the heart of what I try to do here. 3 2w Mobius 1 The brass guard was originally more shiny. I have a second one where the brass guard looked like it was polished. I think with this specific example that the brass had oxidized over the years in where it was stored. Love this knife. It's my personal Holy Grail knife. Thanks for the review Nutnfancy! πŸ˜€ 2 2w The Nutnfancy Project THanks much James, I appreciate the loaner so we could experience this blade together. 2 2w Tygre Cold Steel Trailmaster: the stuff of legend 2 2w The Nutnfancy Project AMEN 1 2w Kenny VanCleave I love the old school Garbers. 2w Ben Still hoping to see a Combat Troodon krv! 2w Adam Boyd Awesome krv! Thanks! 1 2w Mobius 1 You're welcome πŸ™‚ 4d Doug Irelan Cold Steel Trail Master Knife 9.5" San Mai 3 Stainless Steel Clip Point Blade Kraton Handle. 2015 $255.00. 2020 $300.00. 2w Jardine I love the big blades, discontinued or not, they are fun to see on camera. 1 2w David Mengeling Popped into amazon and found out the cold steel trail master has been discontinued!?!?!? Dang it! 2w Matthew Sinn Nutn, find someone who can set up a NAS for you (network attached storage). Data backup will happen automatically, with redundancy. You can make it available remotely, too. 2w Lon N The bunker needs a server room to help heat it. 1 2w Murphy I've carried Gerber knives in the Marines and as EDC since the 70's. Didn't even know they made a Bowie. 1 2w RowdyRon I've had a Recon Scout in my collection for about 10 years now. Kind of hits a sweet spot for me size-wise. Check out the Cold Steel SR1 if you get a chance! Another beast. Thanks Nutn! 2w Lon N I have been truly struggling, it seems that the San Mai steel Trail Masters are being closed out, I have found several for sale in the neighborhood of $270.00. I do not need a bowie, I do not need a bowie, I do not need a bowie….. Awesome review as always Nutn, thank you – I think. 1 2w Mobius 1 $270? Get it. That's a steal. It'll go up over $400 once it's discontinued. Says me. 4d Joshua kinnunen And no sooner than nutn does a review then I see the gerber for sale locally for $175… 1 2w Mobius 1 Is it in good condition? My knife in the video was a safequeen for 30 years or so and never used. Essentially it was brand new. I got it for $229 or so. 4d SeamasterSig The Coldsteel Trailmaster was actually modeled on the Marbles Trailmaker originally produced in the early 20th century. Bark River made a very cool-looking modern version of that legendary blade in A2 steel called the 1909 Michigan Bowie a few years ago. I had other knife priorities at the time, but I keep hoping they'll produce another run of it. All of these big choppers are highly coveted and difficult to find on the used market. 2w NatvMan The large Knife I have is the Ontario RTAK-II. Nutn has reviewed a bunch of good large knifes. keep up the good work. 2w david rockwell Fixed blades offer an apparent cutting confidence and increase one's prowess over folders for some users. Large fixed blades tend to be eschewed by most just like large diameter watches. I remember your interview with Ron Hood (2011?) and the affinity he held for large fixed blades (unique persona). Thank you for the continued effort and dedication. 1 1w The Nutnfancy Project You bet DR, thanks much. I do remember Ron Hood very fondly and we both loved these big blades! Sad he's gone."

I still have my old Trailmaster in Carbon V. I bought it in the middle of the 1980's.
The best blade in my collection.
…together with my old Puma Automesser.
420 and 440 steels are not bad – if the heat threatment is done proper.
I have some blades made of the 420 and 440 steel – family, and they all do a verry good job.
One of my next blades will be a Trailmaster in San Mai. I made good experiences with old Cold Steel XL Tantos in San Mai.

You should try the Western W49 bowie knife. It has a better hand guard than that one you reviewed. Made for knife fighting and hand to hand combat.

I love my Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife. 2" shorter than a Gerber Bowie Knife. It has been tested and vetted by my fellow veterans in arms.

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