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The BEST Bushcraft Knife – REVIEW

A close up of the BRECHFA~HVB Bushcraft Knife with the story behind how it came to be and why.

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8 replies on “The BEST Bushcraft Knife – REVIEW”

Nick that does look like a very strong versatile tool for the field but, with respect, the price of £475 is right up there with an Alan Wood made Ray Mears Woodlore knife and similar, for the average person looking for a quality knife this is just way too much money. I make knives, as an amateur hobbyist and therefore I know a few top shelf knife makers that sell hundred's around the world, and you can buy their's for around £250-£300. I personally use a Jacklore, it's a Woodlore clone built by professional knife maker Sandy Jack from Swindon, Scott from Radstock is another well known maker of quality knives, if you were to drop your profit margin a bit and price your knives for most pockets you will sell more hence make more money if that's where your head is at, money. I'm not being confrontational or having a dig, I am being up front and honest, I am known for saying it how it is. With respect to you and the knife maker. Paul.

Looks like a fantastic knife Nick. One to aspire to!
I was fortunate enough to be given a wonderful Jacklore knife by my best mate (ex-RM) which is always on my belt when I’m in the woods. It’s meant I can pass on my Morakniv to my son to get him on the “bushcraft knife ladder”! Both are excellent for daily needs in the woods and gralloching deer when I manage to thin some out for the freezer.

Awesome! Every man needs a good knife! These are some high end blades! Mic literally puts his blood and sweat into every piece!

What a journey! Worth every late night and challenge, every adjustment, every change, every burn, cut and scrape to bring such a fearsome tool in to the world. I love seeing them in the wild and in the hands of a true master of the outdoors 👌🏻🔪🔥

Great video Nick, too many knives to list, but none like this. Cassrtöm forest,
Knives, various Fällknivens and a Bradford Guardian or two…..need to come a spend a weekend with you guys ,

I look forward to your videos each week now! I'm lucky enough to have one of Mic's BK knives, it's beautifully made and a real workhorse. Surprised you didn't mention the scandi grind and your reason for choosing it. I guess for its suitability for working wood? Keep those videos coming!

Great video and great knife.. I favour two knives around this ball park size, the Lt Wright Genesis and my own knife the Talon which is still in the prototype stages. I may need to get one of these too.

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