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The ESEE Advanced Survival Kit

I’ve been waiting a long time to do this video. Today we check out the ESEE Advanced Survival Kit. We’ll also price everything in the kit to determine whether the high price of the kit is justified, and then we’ll also be adding some extra gear to this kit to take it to the next level. Enjoy!

ESEE Product Page:
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Chapters in this video:
Intro: 0:00
Kit Review: 2:02
Is it worth the price? 21:06
Kitbashing the Kit: 24:34

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Well done. I would ditch the kleenex since you have the MRE tissues and put back the Esbit cubes. They are good for boiling water. One will purify at least a pint. I take a few backpacking, although I usually rely on alcohol, because alcohol can spill and evaporate. Look forward to the next video.

WOW! Awesome review Eric! An excellent kit for sure, and your additions make the kit that much better! You know, I really enjoy planning what I put in the PSK’s I put together. It’s more like a hobby for me. I get a lot of idea’s from watching your channel, and apply them to the kits I put together for family and friends. I’m constantly preaching the importance of preparedness…outdoor, urban, etc., you name it. I utilize your video’s to enhance the knowledge I share about survival with those I care about. The ESEE kit is exceptional, and I plan to get one ASAP! Thank you Eric…well done! As always, I look forward to your next video!

Not sure if I missed it or if it is included in your pricing but I did not hear the price of the Orange tarp Please let me know thank you

Great review! Much appreciated.
Love ESEE; however, for the size and price point, I would want a stainless steel water bottle and a quality water filter. Overall, though, I like the layout and organization a lot. Just my two cents.

Very nice tabletop reviews. Thanks for taking the time to do them. You forgot to add the price to kit price of the orange tarp/bag thing you laid all the gear on.

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