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Next72Hours Personal Survival Kit (PSK) – Ready for peer review

Our Personal Survival Kit is now up and ready to go for review before being given away as part of our prizes. Of course when we do the give away everything will be brand new, what is in this kit has been thrown, dropped, kicked, stomped on and tested to the point of breaking and sometimes beyond. We believe that compared to many of the famous brand name kits on the market, this PSK is up there with one of the best. Of course we would say that, we are biased. Hence we are sending it out for a review for a couple of people to come back and say, this is good, this is not good etc. And once done it will be up for grabs… the requirements.. well simply being subbed to our channel and of course we will be looking for a video response to a question we ask on the giveaway.

Whats in the kit so far..

Trangia 210 Mess Tin (Used now for 10+ years by Matthew)
Mainstay 1200 Calorie 5 Year Food Bar (Lived on for 3 days and Reviewed)
Mini LED light (reviewed – great burn time – on off switch)
Ferro Rod and Striker (LMF to be provided in giveway)
Mini Fishing Kit (Basic)
6m of Paracord in Black
Micro Signal Mirror (Reviewed and Excellent)
Mini Knife – Non Serrated – (Gerber Mini in final Kit)
1 Tea Light Candle
1 Pack of 6 N72H Fire Starters
1 ACME 636 Tornado Slim Line Whistle (Tested – Made in UK – Excellent quality)
1 100% cotton Bandana (strain water, bandana, char cloth etc – many uses)
1 Emergency Blanket great for shelter building)
1 Length of Hi-Vis Orange Tape (great for shelter building and signaling)
1 or 2 Water Storage Bags – GMD Self Standing – Super pieces of Kit

Let us know what you think about this set up but please remain respectful, if you need to be abusive or crass, then please do so elsewhere.

Kind Regards and thanks for the support – N72H Team 🙂

7 replies on “Next72Hours Personal Survival Kit (PSK) – Ready for peer review”

Building a kit myself based on the Trangia Mess Tin, very pleased with it. Bought a Maxpedition H-1 waistpack to put it in, fractionally too tight to begin with but removing the storm collar and the inner pocket makes it the perfect fit. Side pouch fits a large folding knife and I've got an Outdoor Edge Flip N Zip saw in the other side. Creates extra space in the tin itself. Near perfect basis for a kit IMHO.

Thanks guys, Jon

nice thinking on the kit, have to agree about fishing, nothing beats the real deal when it comes to hooks .. thanks for posting ..

cool kit. I am thinking possibly a loud whistle and some sort of salt or electrolyte sup. I did a two day, two night with just the British army kit and got heat stroke. I could even hold water down at that point. Dr. said if I had taken some salt along the way, it probably wouldn't have got me. Great video guys. I gave my fishing kit a make over and caught trout with it quite easily. 🙂

Hi Phil and Matt, very cool kid, thanks for sharing your opinion, have the information about my relatives, will send you a P.M. soon, take care guys, Taro

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