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Cold Steel Recon 1 Desert Warrior Tactical Knife Review

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7 replies on “Cold Steel Recon 1 Desert Warrior Tactical Knife Review”

Awesome review man, this popped up in my suggested and I was really surprised you didn’t have more subscribers. Got one more now lol

Excellent review man. That is a big beast. I have a decent collection and for some reason I still don't own a cold steel. Have to remedy that at some point, but I'm just not a big lock-back fan. But this one is one that I've had targeted before. Good stuff

You can find replacement screws on Ebay. Different colors too. Search for "Recon 1 screws" and there should be green, red, black colors.

I love the Desert Warrior color scheme. I'm a big Cold Steel guy, The blacked out Code 4 is my main EDC. Also, I'm a big fan of S35VN and you are starting to see it in much more knives under $100. You can also find the Recon 1 in the mid $80's. Usually of EBAY.

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