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Unboxing : Overview Of Lansky T.A.S.K. (Tactical Apocalypse Survival Kit)

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There is no certain way a hat needs to be. Thats just dumb. I guess Sombreros arnt hats, flat bill caps arnt hats. Lol. Just accept that hats come in many shapes and sizes and styles, just like people Jeff

having to wait 5 minutes for you to pull the first item out of the box is
waaaaaaay Alabama
too long, mate!πŸ‡³πŸ‡ΏπŸˆπŸ’™

don't know how you feal Jeff, but I think it's unexeptable for a sharpening brand company to release a cutting tool with that edge

Idk if they ripped that multi-tool off of a Ganzo design or Ganzo worked with them but it's almost identical to one of Ganzo's multi-tools

The flat bill hats are a completely different thing that baseball hats. They have a different design with different measurements so bending it would actually just ruin the whole hat. Which for me would suck because I have a 70$ flat bill.

if you like spring multi tools get the Gerber suspension it has no spring but has some sort of hidden suspension in it it's really inexpensive it's only like $35

I do have a knife it wasent complet dull but the edge had some burs so i said let me fake em out ended up having to use fhe carbon then a ceramic sharpener to finnishi off fhen stroped or honed it then touched it up with a mircro besel

Hi, Your reviews are ok BUT you need to stay on fucking track, you seem to have a side story about every thing you pull out of a box, which almost every time has nothing to do with the items, Oh a braided thing, MY DOG HAD ONE OF THESE, Stop who gives a shit, Just stay on track about what you are reviewing in the Video Now. On a side note, you are right the Gerber Gator is one hell of a Knife, I have had one for almost 25 years, just a great working monster.Β and most of that stuff you could find at a better price, someone said that T.A.S.K. was $170.00 way to high.

No emergency shelter, no container for water, and a whopping 10 feet of cordage from a bracelet. At least when hypothermia/dehydration inevitably set in the paracord might be long enough to hang oneself.

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