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REVIEW and FIELDTEST – The SURVIVALKIT – from The Friendly Swede

In this Episode, Mike is showing you in a review and fieldtest a full Survivalkit by The friendly swede, which was given for free to test it out and present the final thoughts on this channel…..

(Important to mention: The friendly swede would replace these items for free when a customer uses them, as long as they submit a photo and the story behind it. For more info see here:

Grenade Kit –
Magnesium Fire Starters –
Paracord Fire Starter w/ Eye Knife –

UK Amazon Store:

15 replies on “REVIEW and FIELDTEST – The SURVIVALKIT – from The Friendly Swede”

I think I would clip it to my belt loop or into a pocket instead of my pack. If you loose the pack, there goes your last hope! Just my opinion. Thanks for the great video Mike.
– danofiremano

How does the fire starter compare to the Bear Grylls? I wish you showed using the included blade to start the fire… and also setting up the fishing…

I originally thought this was just a cheap gimmick to dupe people not skilled in bushcraft. I was wrong, the items were useful and of good quality. Thanks Mike for the review.

Great review. I'll have to check The Friendly Swede those are some great items especially the mag bars. Thanks.

Hey Mike. Thanks for another video mate.  The mag block and firesteel look a hell of a lot better than the one I have.  Interesting ideas he's got there. ATB, David

Nice unboxing and field test. Seen these friendly swede things before but not unwrapped. Thanks for sharing, Cheers Marc

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