survival kit review

Camping Survival Kit Unboxing and Review

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25 replies on “Camping Survival Kit Unboxing and Review”

Hello Ken’sVlog Supporters,
I struggled with this video because I wasn’t sure if it would get a good response on KBDProductionsTV so we decided to upload it here on the Vlog Channel. We hope you enjoyed it and also want to wish you a safe and fun weekend.
(No, this wasn’t a sponsored video)
Ken & Ben

Those solar/dynamo radios are pretty useful. Even if you're not camping, you can use them during events like weather emergencies or power outages.

Like the video ken. Watching food review videos constantly tends too get boring. Nice to get a change now and then.

Crazy Russian Hacker recently reviewed one of those survival packs as well. They look very handy if you get caught out in bad weather or you have some kind of emergency.

"So if you drop it? You lose it."

"3rd edition. Because the first 2 didn't work." 😅

Ken was on point with the Dad jokes today! Paul would have been jealous.

Maybe you can take it to the cottage or go camping and try the stuff out? TFS anyways though the stuff seemed very cool 🙂

You should do military MMRs instead. You can find ones from every country on eBay. Then you can use the google translate app video mode to translate everything really easily.

Love the epic music —also be cool to see you actually use some of this stuff in the future…  How did the glow stick test turn out?

Great video, guys! I really love that Ben is getting more involved, it adds such a warm and family tone to the content. Happy to see you two work together, there is a great dynamic between the good ole Domik dudes! Keep up the awesome work and thank you for continuing to provide us with quality entertainment. 🙂

Hey Ken and Ben! I enjoyed the video and just to give you a cool little added info. The blow up solar light that you first took out was actually on an episode of the American version of the show Shark Tank. It was a start up to help third world countries in times of natural disasters. Keep up the good work!

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