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Survival Kit In A Hat – Wazoo Cache Cap

Can you really carry a survival kit in a hat? You can in a Wazoo Survival Cache Cap. And, you won;t look like a dork doing it. The cache caps are good looking, comfortable and have 6 hidden pockets to stash all sorts of gear. Pair one with a Wazoo Adventure Kit and you are ready for almost any emergency.

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13 replies on “Survival Kit In A Hat – Wazoo Cache Cap”

From many years of experience in the field with different hats, i found it vital to attach a cord to the back of my hat to prevent loss, and attach it to a loop of cloth with a metal d ring to the back of my jackets and shirts. Many things including gusts of wind can take a hat from you quickly and no recourse to retrieving them. If you are in a tactical situation or a bug out or evasion for some reason or in a real survival situation retaining your hat can be a life saver. Love your videos, super informative and down to earth, thanks.

The Trail Markers have been out on the market for Deer hunting since the 80s go out Mark your trail to your deerstand during the day come back before daylight following the reflectors in the dark with your headlamp.

Military will often put a small ferro rod or razor blade behind the patch badge or the velcro backing for emergencies, it was part of the British E and E training some years back after the velcro badge patches came in (escape and evasion) or I think the US call it SERE, essentially the same thing.
Regards Wayne

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