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Rough Ryder wharncliff work knife in denim micarta review! It’s perfect!!

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12 replies on “Rough Ryder wharncliff work knife in denim micarta review! It’s perfect!!”

Nice knife and design, Got mine today but had quality control issues. It’s the Luck of the Draw with RR Knifes My new upswept was near perfection.

Rough Ryder has been coming out with some killer folders… even their carbon fiber folders are amazing! A lot of their models are even on bearings, even though they don't advertise it. The red carbon fiber model that we sell a lot of, that one is assisted on nylon washers… but their black CF flipper is on bearings, as are their galaxy printed flippers as well.

Yup, out of stock like upswept bow, think shiny bolsters look more classy too.
Been watching Ebays currency transactions and the value of dollar is going down for some time thats why prises going up, thats what I think.

I love your reviews man, the enthusiasm is awesome, I cannot wait for these to hit UK shores, just got a Bow Trapper off the back of your review and that thing is off the scale awesome!! 😄👍🏻👊🏻

That is sweeeeet! Rough Rider is getting everything right at the moment. Keep it up! The denim micarta is so desirable too. Wow.
Thanks for the enthusiastic review of this beautiful knife. 👍

I love your content and I have finally gotten the guts to subscribe and ask my question: I live in a sketchy place and have trouble opening things so, What would you recommend for self-defense and a carry around?

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