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Ka-Bar 1271 Fighter Knife Review

Giant Tactical Blade

Pros: 8″ reach, quality
Cons: Sheath, not good for wilderness uses

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19 replies on “Ka-Bar 1271 Fighter Knife Review”

This was my first large fixed blade and as others have pointed out it is not designed for use as a tool, more as a weapon. That said, after a recent storm, I used it to cut up some downed tree limbs, and I was able to chop through a branch as thick as my forearm easily (though it took repeated blows to do so obviously). Trimming smaller branches it cut through in one swipe like a lightsabre. It may not be designed for it, but if you had to cut wood (or near anything else) it is not bad.
Also: After using it to chop up the branches, there was not a loose part or creak or edge damage in the knife, these are very solidly made and quite well put together.

Unless you subscribe to this hand2hand needs under 18cm (maybe in an elevator) this possibly is their best knife + it's full tang apparently. Not many Ka-Bars with full tang yo.

This is probably a discontinued model since it has disappeared from the KA-BAR's website now, for some reasons I feel that the 1271 is the predecessor of the 1245 tanto blade

I just brought this beauty. I would say it is an extremely good tool for combat with that design, extremely pleased with the purchase less the shealth, would be perfect if it comes with a kydex shealth.

People tend to forget….it's a FIGHTER COMBAT WEAPON. It's not marketed as a bushcraft/survival knife. I would NOT use this knife as such. It is thin because combat knives are meant to stab into flesh with ease. I don't know why people want to chop and baton with a  FIGHTER COMBAT knife. It has a double guard to defend against an attack. Survival and wilderness knives should have a half guard so you can choke up for finer work. If you want a bushcraft/survival knife then look elsewhere. If you want to chop firewood all day long, then get what is known as an ax or hatchet.   If you want a home defense or outdoor weapon then this is the blade for you. Get the right tool for the right job,

Any suggestions for a sheath substitute? I have the knife but no way to attach it safely on my sack or vest safely in order to get a consistent no rattling and fumbling around draw

I just ordered one, i am quite satisfied with my old tanto model, has kept me safe for many years
Paul tsujimoto from ka-bar said those two models are the only ones with larger tangs,

Haha, I though you were concerned about weight. It out weights the BK2 by a long shot. Honestly, I think it could be very uncomfortable in hand because of handle design. I would recommend, TOPS DART, BK7, SP50, RTAK II, ESEE 6, RAT 7, TOPS Tactical Bowie II, Scar Blade Liberator, Buck Thug, and SOG Recon Bowie 2.0 as some awesome 7in. and bigger blades.

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