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Product Review: Camillus 3 Day Survival Kit

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Product review on the Camillus 3 day survival kit available at walmart for $35. I found the kit to be lacking in several areas including fire making supplies and a cutting tool. I was baffled that a knife company did not include a knife in their 3 day survival kit. The best thing about the kit is the bag.

I would not suggest relying on this kit without adding some supplies. I added some supplies to bring the kit up to a higher standard including a metal container, mora, ferro rod, ligher, duct tape, an additional space blanket, and a few other items. A nice small folded up piece of aluminum foil and a large contractors garbage bag can be added to round out the kit.

Bottom line, nice bag, crappy supplies.

Thanks for watching and I hope to see you in the woods!

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I bought one of these also and found it by itself was extremely lacking as a three day survival kit.  I have made changes to it to make more a first aid kit to along with my camping gear

I have seen this kit at Walmart before.  And unless I am mistaken and missed something, it stated it was a "First Aid, and Emergency Food / Water Kit"  I dont believe it ever actually claimed to be a survival kit.  I personally believe they intended it to be an "Add-On" to a survival kit.  Not the whole kit itself.  Great review though, I was curious what was inside.

now that you have the canteen you could fill it and illiminate the water pouches all together and have room for more improvement.

yea they actually offer an upgrade of pretty much the same kit but with the option of a les straud folding knife for a few bucks more but even then its kinda a cheap knife and still not worth the 35 dollars.

Something to remember about water and food in these kits is that water in most cases can be found within a few hours walk unless you're in the desert. So having a few small pouches of water when you have no water, is hopefully enough to get you to water. It was not intended to be a 3 day supply of water at all. Also, the food or survival rations are not meant to taste that good. If they tasted like a Snickers candy bar, people would eat them right away out of boredom while sitting on a couch watching TV or while sitting in a cargo plane like the military. Then when a survival situation happens, there's no survival bar to be had because it was already eaten because they taste good. They're designed to be eaten by people who are truly hungry and then even an average or not so good tasting survival bar will be in the bag when really needed.

You can get this kit with a knife for the same price on Walmarts website. Not a bad kit for the money especially if you order online.

Great review.  I saw these at Walmart yesterday and was thinking about getting one. But I agree, you need to add some items.  And that drives up the price….

Thanks for the review! I was thinking about one o these just for the bag l o l. Obviously there just trying to make a buck of the new interest people have in survival stuff. I think if ya add a few thins its fine for in the car in case of breakdowns. And you get stranded over night or something. But 3 days? Thats not enough food and water for a 1yr old for 3 days

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