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ESEE Junglas vs KA-BAR Becker BK9 | KnifeCenter Reviews

We’re pitting these rival survival choppers head to head:

Between the ESEE Junglas and the Becker BK9, you’ve got your heavy duty camping and survival knife needs met. Both are tough and dependable, built by Rowen and KA-BAR respectively, with handles built for grip and plenty of reach.

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24 replies on “ESEE Junglas vs KA-BAR Becker BK9 | KnifeCenter Reviews”

Anyone have time with the RTAK2 and Junglas? I have the RTAK2 and would love the Junglas, just because… But it appears so similar I can't justify it to the Chief Financial Officer.

My choice was for the BK9 but I changed the original handles for micarat ones and (for me) it is a true improvement (and not cheap at all for 'just' handles).
For the sheath no possible comparison, Esee win easily

I have both of them bk 9 is much more comfortable to use just add some tape to handle . Sheath not really a issue as it gets strapped to pack.

I LOVE my Beckers , that said I have XL hands , so I had to open up the handles a little bit with my Dremmel ,it worked like a charm , I would recommend anybody with bigger hands to do it …

Both look like great knives. I own the KABAR 5011 fighting/utility knife and the 1249 Kukri which I use as a chopper. I also own a machete from Condor as well as the Bushlore that has a custom Kydex sheath with attached tinder tin & firesteel. If I were to buy one of those shown here it would be the BK9. But, considering the huge price leap in the past 6-12 months, I probably wouldn't buy either of them since neither is worth over $100. Just because yt has made these type of knives more popular doesn't make them suddenly more valuable. They are what they have always been, nothing has changed but the price. I buy knives to use because they are durable and will get the job done not because of the name on them. I do not pay extra because they are suddenly 'popular' or would look good sitting on a shelf.

It's possible to find kabar Potbelly's and bacon makers etc. For around 50 with pocketed nylon sheaths and the kabar piggyback knife included, I think the compromises are okay considering the price.

I have both but tend to go with the esee because it does have a little more power and no matter what I do to it esee will back it up no questions asked

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