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The CJRB Talla Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

The CJRB Talla is an interesting new budget-focused knife from Artisan Cutlery that combines budget-friendly sensibilities with an interesting design and great blade.

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Someone may have already mentioned this but the "Ser." number is not an abbreviation for "serial". It's short for "series" on CJRB knives.

Series number?
"I don't know what secrets pants are hiding." 🤣😂🤣😂
Whatever secrets they are, I am sure that they would be "brief".

Nick, I’m beggin ya – review the CJRB Ria with their proprietary powder metal! I have one and it’s amazing! Blame it on me! Blame it on Ria! (Uh? Uh?) Just review that knife!

G'day Nick, I really like it, though I do concur; if you're gonna have the thumb contoured spine it must have an adequate finger choil to go with it. Also, I really need more belly.
Even though I'm not a D2 fan, change those two things and I'd buy it.
A word on the texturing; just purchased a Recon 1 which was touted to be a pocket destroyer. It's no big deal IMO, although I did bend the clip up to allow it to actually function and sure it does depend on the particular pocket. I suspect this one is no more abrasive, but yeah ultimately I agree, it is remiss when the real grippy fellas don't have some form of relief in this area.
Many thanks for the review mate. Cheers Duke.

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